Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine's Day (and we escape the Northeast!)

On Valentine's Day we had our favorite things: beer and charcuterie. We walked all the way to our favorite beer bar in Williamsburg in the afternoon, munching on beer and pretzel caramels, a new favorite thing. (Next time anyone comes to visit on a warm Saturday we are hightailing it to the Brooklyn Flea to get papusas and candy, and they are just going to have to trust me on that.)

Then we went home to sparkling wine and seafood from the Outer Banks that we've been keeping stockpiled in the freezer.

C is an expert at many things, but in the photo above you'll want to observe how good he is at celebrating romantic holidays and growing a beard.

Since I can only pull it together to blog seasonally, I'll also go ahead and mention that we just took a delightful trip to Atlanta. We celebrated Kate's birthday and followed an amazing itinerary that she custom designed just for us! We are still talking about the food, the cultural events, the beer, the 65-degree weather, the extremely clean Marta trains, the suspiciously friendly people, the yoforia! I'd post a picture of the whole group, but I don't have the express permission of each participant.

So I got this for ya instead, from the Atlanta Botanical Garden:

And here's my backyard this morning!

Just kidding! Here's my backyard this morning: