Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery

Well-loved kegs. 

Chris and I made a pilgrimage to The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, NC. Where? Farmville. It's right outside of Greenville, NC. Chris called ahead, which we'd been advised to do by a sales rep at Pigstein. She said if we just dropped by and it happened to be a bottling day, no one would be available to show us around. 

When Chris called the owner told him to come on by. When we arrived the owner himself, Paul Philippon, gave us a tour of the brewery. He was very charming, and never once made us feel like we were taking time away from the million other things he had to do. Which we were. Paul and one other brewer, Ryan, are currently it for the Duck Rabbit Brewery staff. Paul told us he just hired a third brewer from Wisconsin. The guy brought Paul a few New Glarus beers to his interview, so of course he got the job. 

Chris and I have done several brewery tours over the last few years and this was just the best. It was great to hear all about the brewing and the everything else that goes into running a small brewery right from the owner himself. We asked about everything, including the logo, which is a nod to Paul's previous career as a university philosophy professor. 

Duck Rabbit beers are available in North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. They produce an Amber Ale, a Brown Ale, a Porter, and a Milk Stout, as well as seasonal brews, which have included a Baltic Porter, a Scotch Ale, and a Russian Imperial Stout. See the beer geeks do their thing at Beer Advocate. I just know that I like these beers and I love that they are made with such care by such nice people. 

Before Duck Rabbit we went to B's Barbecue in Greenville. It is located at 751 B's Barbecue Road. The pork (whole hog) and chicken is cooked over an open pit with charcoal. Chris and I had chicken plates (half a chicken each!) and Phil had the pork plate. With three sweet teas lunch for all three of us came to $20.75. B's cooks in the morning and when they are out of food they slap a sign on the front door and close it up. Fortunately we made it in time, but the sign was on the door when we left. 


Kyle said...

Awesome! I love brewery tours. I've only been on a handful, but its always fun. There are some pretty cool ones around here. Duck Rabbit hasn't made it to me yet, but if I'm ever in that area, I'd love to try that Milk Stout. It sounds interesting.

clldngcrrnts said...

Mmmm. Duck Rabbit brews make my mouth water. The tour that Paul P gives is personal and informative. You get the feeling that he is very passionate about the beers he makes.

2xMmmm. B's bbq is delectable. What an experience.