Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beaupty Parlor

As the wedding date gets closer I have had to face the ugly truth: I know nothing about makeup. I've been working on a makeup strategy for the wedding day and it's been difficult because I never wear makeup. Occasionally over the years I made the resolution to invest more time and effort in my appearance and not just go out of the house looking like I did when I rolled out of bed. The result of the resolution is always the same: I wear mascara or lipstick for about three days, then I go back to leaving the house looking pretty much like I did when I rolled out of bed. When I met the future husband I happened to be wearing mascara that night and it was a real thorn in my side because then I had to wear mascara for the next few dates. 

I'm not sure when this happened because when I was younger I was very interested in makeup. My skill at creating beauty was evident at a very young age, as the founder, owner, and operator of a front porch beauty, oh excuse me, beaupty parlor. 

In third grade I wore blue eye shadow to school every day. Too bad the old makeup tricks from my younger days just aren't working for me now. 

So I've done a few trial runs with makeup for the wedding and it's working out okay so far. I found the most amazing mascara with the help of this beauty blog. My sister Kate was in town and helped me try out some looks. She prefers a dramatic eye. Here she is practicing her technique on one of our neighbors when we were kids. 

I was really worried about wearing makeup to the wedding until we met with our photographer. She dispelled the rumor that it's necessary to wear lots of makeup for photographs, and even said that she recommended a very natural look. It was just what I wanted to hear. I want to wear the kind of makeup that looks like you're wearing no makeup at all but you look your best. Makeup that makes you look like you just walked out of yoga class. If anyone knows where to buy this I'd love to hear about it. In the meantime the trials will continue, but with less fervency, and much, much better mascara. 

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Kristen said...

Hi! Saw your mention of Beauty Addict and the Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender...SO glad you like it! It's definitely one of the best drugstore mascaras out there.

As for makeup that makes you look like you just walked out of yoga class? Try Becca. The Luminous Skin products are wonderful, they just add a little glowiness to the face and even out your tone. The whole line is amazing -- too bad it's not so readily available now that Sephora dropped it. But if you do come across any Becca products in your search, don't pass them up!

Kristen - Beauty Addict