Thursday, January 15, 2009


Tonight we went to see the founder of StoryCorps, a huge oral history project, at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. You may have heard some of the stories on NPR. All across America, StoryCorps invites people to come to a StoryCorps sound booth and bring someone they care about to interview. 

The surprising part was that some of the people whose recordings we listened to were present. The founder invited them on stage to speak. There was Annie, of Danny and Annie. Mary read her story in person. We heard this story about a Sunday school teacher named Miss Divine. (If there is a better name for a Sunday school teacher I'd like to hear it. Didn't think so.) This New York city bus driver got up and said a few words after his segment was played. And just in case you aren't crying yet, this was my favorite StoryCorps recording that I heard a while ago on NPR. 


Grace Lee said...

We're glad that you were able to attend our reading last week and hope that you will make a reservation at our Lower Manhattan StoryBooth. Invite a friend and share your story!
And thanks for blogging about us!

Grace Lee

Karen said...

Great report on StoryCorps, one of my favorite NPR shows.

Anonymous said...

You have interviewed so many interesting folks on the Outer Banks over the years you worked writing here for the paper and the guide books, etc. Some would be nice StoryCorps interviews, like the recent story about hunting and fishing . . . Keep blogging.
Love, Mom