Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey Ya'll

I haven't been saying ya'll much in New York, I guess. The locals don't cotton to it. I don't cotton to the way the locals say they are having a BBQ when they mean they are having a cook-out. Cooking a few hot dogs on a grill doesn't equal this. So there. 

So I'm working now, which is great. Money! A sense of purpose! A place to go during the day! A more comfortable desk chair than I have at home! Loss of free time is not so great but thus was always thus. Lately I've been spending my free time producing a hacking cough, but I hope to be rid of it soon. 

See what my talented husband has been up to right here and here. (He did the designing and the beer pouring as well.) 

More later. 


1 comment:

Eden said...

I try to say "ya'll" even more when I'm in NYC...I love how people look at me like I'm an alien ;) My neighbors think I'm a total hick b/c I let them know they had a 'real' peach tree growing in their backyard. Seriously, they had no clue the orange things falling from the tree were peaches!!

And BBQ totally confuses me too.