Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Garden

Our garden has really taken off recently. Actually, it's a little out of control. Everything is bigger and taller than I ever expected.

I found out that nasturtiums love the North. This is a climbing variety that is winding through the chain-link fence on one side of our garden, and on this side it's tumbling over the brick edging and climbing all over the yew bush.


I don't think Chris is completely happy with how wild our garden has become, but I love it. Most of our backyard is concrete, and it makes me happy to see all of these plants bursting out of the garden space, even if it is a little unexpected.

I grew everything here from seeds. It was hard to picture exactly how the garden would turn out when I was planting tiny seeds back in April. I mean, I didn't think the Mammoth Russian sunflowers would actually grow to be 12 feet high...


Rendy said...

Your garden is beautiful! I'm so glad that you can keep "the green" in the city. Sorry I could not join you for your party but Lori and Kingston said it was a great time! Keep in touch!

Kate said...

I can't believe how tall they are!

Mom said...

Remember when we were there searching for the seedlings! It all looks so lush. You have a way with sunflowers! (Dad has authorized the !! in this case.)
August gardens here in this heat and humidity are suffering. Nana calls these the "dog days of summer"
Your sunflowers will bring lots of birds!

Interior design ideas said...
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