Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wedding Wrap

I finished my wedding wrap with time to spare. If it's freezing on our wedding day (exactly one week from today!) I'm covered with the wrap, which I knitted with bamboo yarn. Now I can worry about everything else for the next week, like how in the world I'm going to iron my dress without setting fire to it.
I know I'm supposed to settle down and not worry about the details at this point, but instead my stomach is in knots. 

I've been able to let go of a few worries along the way. Like when I realized in the middle of knitting this wrap that the colors exactly match a pair of Lands' End wool socks that I own. 

This is the first garment I've knitted (not counting hats and scarves) and I'm happy with it--I don't care if it looks like I started to knit a sweater and gave up. 

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