Saturday, October 25, 2008

Moving Day for Bagheera

Chris's cat, Bagheera, moved in with my parents this week, in preparation for our move to Brooklyn. He has always lived in the 30-foot radius surrounding Chris's apartment so I was worried about how he might adapt to moving 3 miles away. Also, there's Rudee, our big brown dog, to contend with. (By the way, I feel like a traitor posting pictures of Bagheera before I ever posted a picture of Rudee. She's jealous enough already.)  But everything is fine so far for Bagheera. 

There have been a few face-offs between Bagheera and Rudee. Rudee sticks her nose in Bagheera's face and Bagheera sticks his nose out to meet hers, and Rudee jumps back as if he struck her. He's tough, and was always getting into fights in his old neighborhood. Chris read that you can tell how your cat handles fights by where their wounds are: wounds on the hindquarters means that they were struck while running away, and wounds on the face means they were facing their opponent head-on. A few weeks ago Bagheera got into a fight and his eye was wounded and totally swollen shut. He's healed now, but he has battle scars on his nose, ears, and close to his eyes from all of his many scuffles. He's a head-on fighter for sure.

I hope he'll get along okay in his new neighborhood. He's fitting in to his new household pretty well. He's putting on a brave face and ignoring Rudee for the most part, though I've seen him tiptoe past her on more than one occasion. Here he is making himself at home. 

By the way, that is a wedding project on the coffee table in front of him--our mixed CD we'll be giving as a wedding favor. Chris put together a playlist of our most favorite songs that will also be on the wedding reception playlist, and then we arranged them. He designed the cover and printed them, cut them out, scored the folds and we glued them together. Chris has a history of making mixed CD's for our friends for different occasions, so this is the perfect favor for us to give. I have mixed CD's for all the birthdays I've had since since we met, so I can't wait to add this one to the collection.  

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