Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Michael and Sarah got married!

Last weekend our friends Michael and Sarah got married. They had a fabulous wedding. They rented a house on the sound and the ceremony and reception was all held outdoors. 

The photo above is from their choreographed first dance. They had a good friend choreograph the dance and teach it to them. There was a move from Dirty Dancing and some breakdancing on Michael's part. It was awesome. Sarah said it was her favorite part of wedding planning. 

It was really fun to be planning our wedding at the same time as these two. When they came to town to plan (they live in D.C. and were planning a "destination" wedding on the Outer Banks; we live in the destination) we compared notes and commiserated. On the day of their wedding they kept saying, "you guys are next and we're ready!" I can't wait to be in their position: wedding wrapped up and honeymoon on. 

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Lori Haynes said...

I can't wait for the wedding, either! It is going to be so fun. Michael and Sarah made it look so fun, didn't they?! It's sort of funny that I was there!