Saturday, April 12, 2008

After the Rain

The lavender is blooming in the front yard. All of the rain has made everything beautiful. 

There is a lavender farm in Currituck County called Harbinger Lavender Farm
I used some lavender to decorate the bathroom like this:

Today I finally got around to planting my sugar snap pea seeds. I've never grown these before so I experimented with all manner of planting them. I started some in these peat pots (5 inches in diameter), a few in a recycled yogurt container, and several in a large pot so they won't need to be transplanted. I still have seeds left over, so if I think of a new way to plant them I'll try it. The seeds are so big I didn't think they would do well in a peat pellet, so I skipped that option. 

A reminder of the kids' visit, on my coffee table. 

The table was made for me by Carl McCoy. He uses salvaged materials to build amazing furniture. He and his wife Kim own Spring Tide Studios in Nags Head. Their shop is on the Beach Road right across from the Nags Head Pier. You can read a little more about Spring Tide Studios here.

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