Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wind Energy

The Mighty Wind of the Outer Banks

One of our local brewpubs, The Outer Banks Brewing Station, had an Earth Day celebration and dedication of their new wind turbine. According to the Brew Station they are the only brewpub or restaurant in the U.S. to use wind power. (I did a quick search and found that at least a few other small breweries, including Brooklyn Brewery, use wind power for their brewing equipment. Here here to conscientious brewers!) To celebrate they had a pig-pickin' and served up $1 drafts of their beer, brewed right here in Kill Devil Hills, NC. The wind turbine is very good-looking, not at all the eyesore some nay-sayers might have expected. Get your own here. I hope this will only be the beginning of wind turbines here on the Outer Banks, where we are blessed and cursed with persistent wind. 


Kyle said...

That's awesome! I love micro-breweries... and even more when they are using renewable energy. Its a great idea. I brew beer at home, but I don't think my Home Owners Association would allow me to erect a wind turbine atop my condo to generate power to do it. I checked out the link for that pub, and it looks pretty cool. I'd like to try that Nut Brown. I brewed one at home that was really good. Anyway... Can't wait for your next blog!

*psst... You should see if you can set up the links in your blog to open in a new window instead of taking the person away from your site.

Lee said...

kwiknic-thanks for reading! I appreciate your suggestion, and I set up my links to open in a new window. That's great that you're a home brewer. My boyfriend is growing hops for home brewing so hopefully I'll have some pictures of healthy hop vines to share in the future.

clldngcrrnts said...

I would love to see these everywhere on the Outer Banks. I can't believe it took as long as it did to have it approved to be erected. We all should support the OBBS more because of they have their eco-thinking caps on, i.e. drink more of their beers.