Thursday, April 3, 2008

Water and Wait

Starting from Seed
I started these seeds on March 23 (Easter and Chris's Birthday). This year Chris and I expanded both the number and variety of seeds we planted. I had good luck with these last year: Jubilee (yellow), Brandywine (pink-ish), and red cherry tomatoes, and asian eggplants (millionaire hybrid), so I planted them again. Plus I added two new tomatoes: a Jelly Bean hybrid (grape tomatoes) and a yellow pear tomato. Then I also planted leeks, cilantro, sweet basil, and a mesclun lettuce mix. For flowers I planted cosmos and Shasta daisies. The beautiful flowers in the vase on the table are from Blooms to your Door (, located in Point Harbor, NC just across the bridge from the Outer Banks. 

I'm keeping track of what's what with these labels:

Here is everything as of April 3. 
The lettuce sprouted first, within a day or two! 
The Shasta daisies took the longest;
they only came up a few days ago.


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