Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My niece and nephew came for a visit. It rained the entire time (we're going on five days in a row now) and they didn't mind a bit. We had all kinds of fun. They planted some seeds themselves. 

I was telling them about the different seeds I had, and I described one packet this way: "these are a mix of white, pink, and red flowers." To which T replied, "hmm, sounds like cosmos." He planted cosmos (clearly he is a fan) and daisies. Ry planted sunflowers, cosmos, and Shasta daisies. We recycled a take-out sushi container for their seeds. Eight large peat pellets fit just fine, but the lid was a close fit. T wanted to turn the seed growing into a competition, and he wrote out some rules on the back of their seed labels. 

Our favorite produce stand Tarheel Too is now open! I bought some local asparagus and it was amazing. I couldn't get over the purple tips. 

I added a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and did a quick broil. Which means I put it in the oven on broil, checked it, decided it needed just another minute, forgot about it, remembered it, then ran to the oven to pull it out. And they were cooked perfectly! Works every time. 

I also cooked shad roe and lemon rice. This is supposed to be a quintessential spring meal. I found the recipe here

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Kate said...

Jessica and I cooked some amazing asparagus she got from the Dekalb Farmers Market on her gas grill last week. Not too purple-y tips; we coated them with olive oil and coarse sea salt. We tried to roll them around on her grill a bit but she doesn't even have any tongs. We shut the lid, opened it, and then pulled them off with a fork. They were done perfectly too! What a tasty spring treat.